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When it comes to spending some recreational time during the summer, people tend to be in one of two camps:

  • Those who have been planning for months and shoot off to fun as soon as the school year ends.
  • Those who suddenly realize September is a lot closer than it felt not too long ago, and boy, they better do something before the time flies past!

If you’re in the latter group, there’s nothing to fear. You don’t have to plan big journeys to enjoy the rest of the sunny months. Summer in Massapequa, Amityville, Seaford, and the surrounding areas still offer many fun activities and events—family-oriented and grown-up-oriented alike.


And (because we’re required by law) we’ll throw in some tips to help you enjoy the rest of summer with reduced risk of foot- and ankle-related showstoppers!

Catch a Free Outdoor Movie

Outdoor movie nights are just like the drive-ins of days gone by. Minus the car.

Farmingdale’s “Movies on the Green” provides a nice spot to spread a blanket and catch a movie the whole family can enjoy. Before the movie begins, kids can enjoy some cartoons and get hands-on with some crafts.

The best part is that it’s free. Even popcorn and drinks are included in the deal! 

If you want to trek out a bit farther, Southampton Art Center’s “Summer of Spielberg” is showing on their lawn. Films running through August include E.T., The Post, and JAWS. They’re not all films for the little ones, but they’re still phenomenal ones you might love!

  • Foot Care Tip! There’s nothing like the feel of cool grass on your feet, and the kids will likely love it as well! You might notice your younger child’s arches vanish while running barefoot. If you do, it’s not much to worry about. Most kids outgrow flexible flatfoot, but it’s still something we should be aware of.

Hike Through Beautiful Massapequa Preserve

It might be easy to overlook, but we have our own little secluded forest right in Massapequa!

This suburban oasis features 432 acres of greenery, as well as a fishing bridge, nature walks, and a paved bike/walking trail. You can also follow the relaxing stream, with plenty of nice spots to sit, reflect, and maybe even watch some swans or ducks.


Make sure to take care of the land while you’re there. You’ll see a few signs of how locals have added some personal touches, building stone bridges across narrower parts of the stream and tending an unofficial garden near the Jerusalem Avenue entrance.

  • Foot Care Tip! A long nature walk can be a great way to reduce stress and rejuvenate yourself—but it can be tough on your feet if you don’t have the right kind of footwear! If you’re going for a long walk, make sure you wear supportive shoes you know are comfortable. A day-long walk is not the time to try “breaking in” a new pair of shoes and definitely not the time to wear flip-flops! Casual walkers are begging for blisters, heel pain, and aches with loose footwear.

Beat the Heat!

This summer has felt like being in a sauna. Bethpage has some ways to make it not feel that way.

The Beat the Heat Festival on August 18th will feature outdoor live performances and a bevy of activities for a range of ages.

There will be inflatables, face painting, relay races, and a water gun fight for the kids (or the young at heart!). The adults can participate in a beer pong tournament and flip cup.

Each ticket to the event ($10 each) includes 2 food items and a drink of choice. And if it rains that day? Well, there was going to be a water gun fight, so you shouldn’t be afraid to get wet!

  • Foot Care Tip! You likely don’t need to be told about the effects of heat and sun on your skin, but not many people take a moment to protect their feet with sunscreen, too! If your feet will be in the heat, make sure to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out (along with to the rest of your exposed skin!). It helps prevent painful redness and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Soar Above It All

While some summer fun seekers like to get as low into water as possible, others like to elevate. The Adventure Park at Long Island, in Wheatley Heights, is for these people.

Trails and bridges connect the trees of the park in 10 trails, 15 zip lines, and more than 140 rope-style bridges. But don’t worry if you’ve never done this before; there are five levels of difficulty so beginners and veterans can tackle whatever they feel comfortable with.

So if you want to try something new and build up your “can-do” attitude, these ropes courses may be a good way to spend a summer day!

Expert Foot and Ankle Care, Rain or Shine

Whether you spend the rest of the summer lazing at the local beach or pool (please wear shower shoes in the locker rooms to guard against fungal infections!), seek something off the beaten path, or just stay at home beneath your air conditioning, we wish you a safe and happy season!

We do know that, no matter what precautions you take, sometimes misfortune can still befall your feet or ankles. If it does, Massapequa Podiatry Associates is here for you! Let us diagnose your problem and recommend the best treatments to get you back out in the sun as quickly and safely as possible.

Contact our office at (877) 674-7422 or fill out our online contact form to reach out to us. We’d love to schedule an appointment for you!


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