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There is a strong link between footwear choice and the development of hammertoes. Extremely tight shoes that cram toes into narrow or pointed spaces are a major culprit, as are high heels that push all of your weight forward onto the front portion of your feet. When toes remain bent in the same position for extended periods of time, and especially if they have to bear excess pressure and weight in that position, the muscle pairs responsible for bending and straightening the toe may become unbalanced, leaving the toe unable to lie flat even when barefoot.

There’s some disagreement in the medical community whether shoes can cause hammertoes all by themselves, or whether there needs to be at least one other underlying factor. However, it’s abundantly clear that wearing ill-fitting shoes can rapidly accelerate the development of hammertoes regardless of initial cause.

If you seek treatment for hammertoes early, you may be able to avoid surgery. If your toes are looking a little bent, please call Massapequa Podiatry Associates at 516-541-9000 today.