When you come to Massapequa Podiatry Associates, you know we provide the latest in advanced treatments and therapies. But did you know sometimes these therapies can be used in conjunction with one another for even better results? This is exactly the case when we combine Tenex® and Amniovo® treatments to make sure your soft tissue injury heals in the fastest possible time!

tenex and amniovo

Before we look at how these two, revolutionary treatments are complimentary to each other, let’s start with a quick synopsis of what each one entails.

What is Tenex®?

This is an advanced technology which has proven to be a wonderful alternative to surgeries we may have needed to perform in the past. The process starts as we use ultrasound diagnostics to determine exactly where the specific tissue is damaged. Once that has been established, we numb the area and insert the TX MicroTip®—which looks similar to a hollow needle—through the tiny incision.

Once in place, the TX MicroTip® is agitated at an incredibly fast rate. What this does is break down the damaged tissue – without affecting the healthy tissue around it. Once this is done, there isn’t even any need for stitches!

What is Amniovo®?

Amniovo® is regenerative biomaterial containing growth factors—including epidermal growth factor, transforming growth factor, and platelet-derived growth factor—that were previously delivered via a patch or wrap. Advances in technology have enabled the manufacturer to micronize the amniotic membrane containing those growth factors into an injectable version.

In plain English, this product uses naturally-occurring materials—harvested from placentas following human births—that are rich in growth factors, which are responsible for helping cells regenerate and repair themselves. Amniovo® has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – the regulatory agency responsible for ensuring the safety of food and drug products (and medical equipment). The patch and wrap (allograft) versions of this product have been used to heal wounds for many years.

Why use this particular product? Because when injected into damaged soft tissue, it triggers responses in the cells that lead to faster healing and recovery from injuries. Further, it is another alternative for certain cases that would otherwise need surgery.

Why Use Tenex® and Amniovo® Together?

Taking advantage of both of these state-of-the-art treatments gives you a true advantage in your recovery from the injury causing your foot, heel, or ankle pain.

In part, the sequence of using Tenex® to remove damaged tissue and then Amniovo® to regenerate new cells can contribute to faster healing than either therapy on its own – when, individually, they already result in quicker recovery times!

More than that, there is overlap between the benefits of either approach. In both therapies, your body’s own cells are stimulated (in different ways) to improve their natural healing processes. This can dramatically shorten the amount of time you need to spend away from your favorite activities.

One of the benefits of Tenex® that can play a role in the effectiveness of Amniovo® is increased blood flow to the injured area. As blood flows to the area, it delivers oxygen and essential nutrients to feed the cells hard at work repairing themselves. They need the extra nourishment to sustain the pace – and it’s being delivered right to the job site!

We are excited and pleased to be able to offer these advanced therapies to you and your loved ones. Our goal at Massapequa Podiatry Associates is to get you back to your favorite activities in the shortest possible time. Treatments like Tenex® and Amniovo® allow us to do so.

Find out more about these—and all the other effective foot care services we provide—by calling (516) 541-9000. If you’d prefer, request your appointment by connecting with us directly through our online contact form today.
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