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Does stretching actually help plantar fasciitis? How effective is icing a sprained ankle? Don’t waste your time on ineffective treatments! View our foot care blog to get real answers from a licensed Long Island podiatrist.
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  • How Athletes Can Attack Heel Pain Heel pain and sports are not a great combo. When athletes want a fast and effective recovery, they can turn to Dr. Corey Fox at Massapequa Podiatry Associates for help.
  • Finding Help for Your Heel Pain No matter if you will benefit from tried-and-true methods or the most advanced technologies to heal more quickly, you can find the care you need.
  • Our Comprehensive Bunion Blog Post Bunions are a common toe deformity, especially for women, that tend to be misunderstood. These are not, as often thought, caused by pumps, stilettos, or other high-heeled shoes, and they cannot be reversed. Instead, bunions are progressive and must be treated to prevent the condition from worsening.
  • Toenail Fungus and Nail Removal Fungal infections don't only affect the surface of the nail. People wonder if infected nails should be removed. Click here, our experts explain what to expect.
  • Clearing Up Your Toenails for Summer Fungal nail treatment can be quite effective, but it's important to remember it also takes time. If you want your nails looking clear and healthy in the summer, come and see Dr. Fox sooner rather than later.
  • Warts Don’t Hibernate in the Winter Warts are not a seasonal concern, but this doesn’t mean they disappear over the winter, either. Dr. Fox discusses plantar wart treatment options.
  • Options for an Ingrown Nail Surgery has a role in treating some cases of ingrown toenails. Dr. Fox shares whether this is appropriate for your particular ingrown nail.
  • Options for Heel Pain Relief Dr. Corey Fox discusses various options for heel pain treatment so you can find the relief you are seeking.
  • Questions About Shockwave Therapy Shockwave treatment—an advanced therapy performed by Dr. Corey Fox—uses high energy sound waves to promote the healing of damaged tissue.
  • Tenex® and Amniovo® Work Together Dr. Corey Fox discusses a couple of advanced therapies offered at Massapequa Podiatry Associates. Find out how Tenex® and Amniovo® can work together.