Depending on when you are reading this blog post, we are either getting close to the best time of year for millions of college basketball fans—March Madness!—or the tournament has already started. (Of course, it’s entirely possible the tournament is long over and you simply want to know more about how Amniovo® helps heel pain, and we’ll discuss this momentarily!)

Stop Heel PainThe NCAA Men’s and Women’s Division I Basketball Tournaments always provide countless incidents of incredible, heroic performances and memorable moments. Of course, the athletes who play collegiate basketball sometimes sustain lower limb injuries. Now, the vast majority of us did not, and will not, play basketball in this prestigious tournament, but the same foot and ankle problems college athletes sometimes sustain can potentially be experienced by anyone.

When you are experiencing heel pain, we have an effective, state-of-the-art option that can help – Amniovo®.

Amniovo® is a form of dehydrated human amniotic membrane and is another way to introduce growth factors to the site of injury in chronic tendinopathy. Got that? Well, let’s break it down into English…

Basically, this remarkable product started as a patch or wrap (allograft) created from amniotic membrane tissue (found in placenta lining) that has been used in wound healing for many years. Placing an allograft over wounds that are not healing properly promotes new tissue growth. Recently, the material that was used to create these patches and wraps has been processed into a smaller, injectable form. When injected into soft tissue, this helps damaged tissue repair more quickly and effectively than it otherwise would.

So how can this technology benefit patients who have heel pain? Basically, the most common source of adult heel pain is plantar fasciitis. This soft tissue injury develops when your plantar fascia is subjected to overuse and becomes torn. The tiny tears start to heal during extended periods of rest, but are ripped back open when the next steps are taken. Amniovo® can speed up the healing process, which takes away that sharp, intense pain you would otherwise experience!

For more information on the subject of heel pain, order your free copy of Heal Your Heel Pain: A Guide to Understanding Its Causes and Treatments today. Just fill out this simple online form and we will mail your copy with no further obligation on your end.

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