Heel painOne of our goals at Massapequa Podiatry Associates is to stay current with the best new technologies to best treat whatever foot or ankle condition is affecting you. When it comes to wound healing and soft tissue injuries, you can benefit from Amniovo treatment. Of course, you will likely want to know a little about this advanced therapy before deciding to include it as part of your treatment plan.

The best starting point for discussing how you can heal faster and better with Amniovo is amniotic tissues and what they can do for you.

Amniotic tissues are harvested from placentas, specifically their innermost layer. This means the material is completely natural. Now, there are some slight manipulations used in converting the tissue into the product we use at our office, but these are intended to protect their natural properties for optimal effectiveness. The amniotic material is rich in both growth factors and cytokines. Cells within the immunes system secrete cytokines to affect other cells. In the case of Amniovo, they help the body to take advantage of the growth factors, thereby promoting faster, better healing.

This product is prepared in several different configurations so it can be used effectively in a range of applications like soft tissue repair, surgery recovery, wound healing, etc. The natural properties of the amniotic material reduce scarring and inflammation, enhance healing processes, and act as a protective barrier for affected areas.

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Amniovo is proven to be safe, durable, and highly effective. You will be able to recover better, and in a shorter amount of time than you otherwise would. Patients who suffer from common sources of heel pain—like Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis—find it to be especially beneficial.

For additional information on Amniovo, and to see if we might use it in treatment for whatever foot or ankle condition is affecting you, simply give our Massapequa, NY office a call at (516) 541-9000. You can also take advantage of our online form to contact us right now.

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