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When winter hits, it can be hard to think about warmer times, but spring will be here before we all realize it. With spring comes vacations and escapes to warmer climates for millions of Americans. Even if a Spring Break trip isn't in your plans, summer is not too far behind it.

Whether you are going to head south for your break or stay home and long for summer days at the beach or pool, now is the time to start laser nail care to eliminate any unsightly toenail fungus!

Woman with her feet up in the air on a beach

Fungal toenails can definitely be treated, but it is important to keep in mind that this condition will not go away on its own. If you want to eliminate toenail fungus and have the clear, healthy nails you deserve for those warmer days, you need to begin treatment sooner rather than later. This process is effective, but it does take some time (so don't wait too long before starting!).

There are various treatment methods available for this condition, but we are finding that laser nail therapy is a quick and effective option that provides optimal results. Our office offers advanced laser treatment that is safe and proven to restore nails. A single session takes less than half an hour, and you can walk out the door afterward and go right into your normally planned activities.

Of course, it's always better to prevent infection than have to treat it, so here are some quick tips so you can avoid this in the first palce:

  • Keep your feet dry as much as possible. Fungus loves to grow in warm, dark, and moist environments. When your feet are in socks and shoes, the warmth and darkness elements are already present, so don't offer moisture to complete the trifecta!
  • Wear sandals or shower shoes in public locker rooms or on pool decks. This will help you from picking up someone else's fungal problems.
  • Alternate between two pairs of shoes daily. This gives 24 hours for each pair to dry completely between uses.
  • Use anti-fungal poweder or spray on your feet and in your shoes.

If you want your toenails to be clean and healthy so you can hit the beach without any embarrassment, come and see us here at Massapequa Podiatry Associates. Call our Long Island office at (516) 541-9000 or connect with us online right now!

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