Quick Facts on Foot and Ankle Care in Our Podiatry FAQ

How can you tell if there is a bone spur in your heel? When should patients consider surgery for torn ligaments? Our FAQ page explores a variety of foot and ankle questions to help patients get the care they need. Search through our FAQ to get answers on your condition.

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  • Why is foot care important with diabetes?

    Diabetes poses a pair of serious problems for feet: damaged nerves (which may impair your ability to feel or detect painful issues) and slower circulation (which limits your body’s ability to heal itself). The outcome of these twin issues is a greatly increased likelihood of injury and infection from even relatively minor nicks and scrapes. If untreated, this may even lead to wounds requiring amputation of a toe, foot, or leg.

    Fortunately, nearly all diabetes-related amputations are preventable, but you need to be vigilant. That means taking good care of your feet, visiting a podiatrist for regular diabetic foot checks, inspecting your feet at least once per day for cuts, scrapes, swelling, and other issues, and being proactive about addressing concerns and seeking treatment before complications occur. If you have diabetes, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Corey Fox for a diabetic foot evaluation so we can determine what treatment methods will be best for your situation. You can reach our Massapequa, NY office at 516-541-9000.