"In our office we treat a lot of athletes with pain in the back of the heel, which is often due to Achilles tendinitis. A complete exam with an accurate diagnosis is made, using the latest diagnostic techniques. Treatment is usually conservative. This may include orthotics, physical therapy, and stretching. 

For patients that require additional treatment, we have a revolutionary new procedure called Tenex. Through a small incision, and with ultrasound guidance, we are able to remove small amounts of diseased tissue using ultrasound technology and ultrasound energy instead of a knife. In the place of the diseased tissue that’s removed, we can implant platlet rich plasma or amniotic stem cells in order to facilitate regeneration of a healthy Achilles tendon. 

The advantage of Tenex is a shorter recovery, minimal post-operative pain, and a quicker return to your activities.

If you’ve been suffering from this chronic, painful condition, please call the office for an appointment. I can help you."

Dr. Corey Fox
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