Whether you are on your way to the pros, pickup games on the weekend, or have kids on the Vikings or take part in the local Police Athletic Leagues, Seaford has plenty of ways to help you get out there, compete, and have fun.

Unfortunately, those opportunities can come with a risk of sports injuries to the feet or ankles, and that’s where Massapequa Podiatry Associates comes in.

Expert Treatment for Sports Injuries in Seaford, NY and its Surroundings

Sports injuries don’t necessarily care what sport or league you play. You don’t even have to be on one at all, but just pursuing personal improvement.

If you could only provide two ways in which sports injuries occur, most fall under these categories:

  • Injuries that are the result of sudden force or impact. You collide with something, something collides with you, or your foot or ankle is forced into a position it wasn’t designed to be in. This is how most sprains and fractures are classified.
  • Injuries that are the result of overuse. This type of injuries tends to happen when someone tries to push their body harder than it is currently conditioned to handle, or when engaging in long, sustained periods of activity without providing enough time for recovery.

Regardless of the cause of the injury, seeking treatment sooner is always much preferred than addressing the situation later.

For one, not addressing an injury can run the risk of making it worse, especially if you are still trying to continue with your regular activities. Any time you feel pain during an activity that is beyond the standard ache of worked muscles, that is your cue to immediately stop what you’re doing – something is wrong.

Second, the recovery process can be a very important time when it comes to getting a patient back to full strength and avoiding problems in the future. This is particularly true of ankle sprains and injuries. Those that do not heal properly can lead to ankle instability, chronic pain, and a significantly higher risk of suffering more ankle injuries in the future.

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Conservative Treatment For Sports Injuries

Non-invasive, conservative forms of treatment will always be the ones Massapequa Podiatry Associates go to first.

For sports injuries, these might include:

The ultimate recommendations we will make for you will depend upon a full evaluation, diagnosis, and review of your medical history and needs.

In some cases, an injury might be so severe or so unresponsive to conservative treatments that surgery might need to be considered as an option. If it is, we will discuss all your options with you to ensure you can make a choice in full confidence and with all the information you need.

Keep Seaford Moving

When it comes to sports injuries, the right treatment at the right time is always your best option for staying active in the long run. And even beyond recovery, there are still measures you can take to reduce your risks of running into sidelining troubles in the future.

If you have experienced a sports injury, Dr. Corey Fox and Dr. Justin LoBello are here to help. Call our office at (516) 541-9000 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with us.

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