Whether you run around Amityville, take it to the field or court for victory, or simply just like to get out and about, a sports injury to the foot or ankle can be a real showstopper.

Dr. Corey Fox and Dr. Justin LoBello are experts at treating sports injuries of all types for patients from Amityville and surrounding areas.

Our podiatrists take the time to not only get to the source of an injury, but to understand how it may affect the life of the person experiencing it. With that in mind, we create a treatment plan that gets you back into action as soon as possible but does not sacrifice your future foot and ankle health in doing so!

Why the Right Sports Injury Treatment is Important

A sports injury often arises when one pushes their limits too hard all at once, or over too long a period of time without rest. These are known as overuse injuries, and can include conditions such as Achilles tendinitis or stress fractures.

The other general type of sports injury comes when something hits you hard or you have a sudden fall or twist. These include the fractures and sprains that you really don’t have much control over the moment when they happen.

Regardless of the type of injury you face, however, what you do after you start feeling pain can have a significant impact on both how quickly you recover and whether you face any lasting consequences.

Amityville Expert PodiatristPain is the body’s way of signifying something is wrong and often needs to stop. If you experience pain on a run or during play, that is your cue to stop doing whatever it is that’s been causing the problem! Do not try to “walk it off” and keep going through the pain. You only risk making things worse.

Rest is the best first step for recovery from a sports injury. The second is calling your Amityville area podiatrists.

In many cases, traditional methods such as icing and stretching can be enough to aid recovery. In other cases, depending on the problem, we might recommend more advanced treatments such as custom orthotics or K-Laser therapy to allow the injured area a better opportunity to heal.

Whatever the method, it is important for recovery to take place properly. Recovery is not just a matter of all affected parts healing, but regaining strength and conditioning. In cases where recovery takes weeks or months, if you try to dive back into activity exactly at the level you last left off without proper conditioning, you risk re-injury.

The ankles are of especial concern for recovery. If a sprain does not heal well, it can lead to instability and further sprains down the line. The end result can be chronic pain and even the development of arthritis.

Keeping Amityville Moving

When a sports injury is interfering with your daily life and exercise goals, our goal is to get you back into action as quickly and safely as possible. With the proper guidance and treatment, we can not only help you recover, but help prevent problems from happening again as well.

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