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Suggested home remedies for plantar wart removal abound, including the more “formal” methods (like over-the-counter wart removal patches, liquids, or medicines) and some that fall a little more into the DIY spectrum (such as the so-called “duct tape” method, garlic rubs, pastes, and more).

While it’s possible that some home remedies for warts may be beneficial (especially the kind you can get in an ordinary pharmacy), the studies on their effectiveness is mixed at best. While they probably help some people, the overall success rate is low compared to office treatment.

At Massapequa Podiatry Associates, Dr. Corey Fox offers CryoPen therapy, which uses an advanced cooling technique to safely freeze and remove warts. It’s much more effective on average than home therapies, and what we recommend for those with irritating or painful plantar warts. However, since drugstore remedies are generally safe, you may consider trying them first for minor cases to see if they help.

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