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Does stretching actually help plantar fasciitis? How effective is icing a sprained ankle? Don’t waste your time on ineffective treatments! View our foot care blog to get real answers from a licensed Long Island podiatrist.
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  • Psychological Effects of Injury A sports injury can not only have physical effects, but psychological ones as well. Dr. Corey Fox discusses how to help both body and mind.
  • Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries The bad news is whenever our bodies are active, we run the risk of experiencing foot and ankle injuries. The good news is our team of experts can help you get back on your feet in no time!
  • Preventing Turf Toe A sprain of the big toe, also known as turf toe, can be a painful delay to your activities and fitness goals.
  • Foot Sports Injuries When there are sports, there is always the chance for injuries. The experts at Massapequa Podiatry Associates explain conditions, prevention, and treatment.
  • Treating Sports Injuries You don’t want a sports injury sidelining you or your child before the first pitch. Dr. Corey Fox in Massapequa has some preventative advice.
  • How Athletes Can Attack Heel Pain Heel pain and sports are not a great combo. When athletes want a fast and effective recovery, they can turn to Dr. Corey Fox at Massapequa Podiatry Associates for help.
  • Difference Between Sprain and Strain Sprains and strains not only sound alike, they can have surprisingly similar symptoms. Dr. Corey Fox explains their differences for you.
  • Working Out: Treat Your Feet Well You rely on your feet and ankles to exercise and stay active, so learn how to treat your feet well while working out.
  • Warm Up Muscles to Prevent Injury Adding a warm up and cool down routine before and after exercise can minimize injury risk to the feet and ankles, says Dr. Corey Fox of NY.
  • RICE: First Aid for Foot Injuries First aid for foot and ankle injuries often follows the RICE protocol, or rest, ice compression and elevation, says Dr. Corey Fox of Massapequa, NY.