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Does stretching actually help plantar fasciitis? How effective is icing a sprained ankle? Don’t waste your time on ineffective treatments! View our foot care blog to get real answers from a licensed Long Island podiatrist.
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  • Why Does My Heel Hurt Heel pain can exist for many reasons. The experts at Massapequa Podiatry Associates dive into potential causes and what can be done.
  • Dealing with Holiday Heel Pain? We Can Help! Heel pain can flare up and become especially troublesome during the holiday rush. Dr. Corey Fox and Dr. Justin LoBello have advice that can help!
  • Prevent Heel Pain There are plenty of ways to prevent, recognize, and treat painful heel conditions. Keep reading and find out how to run this pain out of your life.
  • NYC Marathon Thinking of running the New York City Marathon? Dr. Corey Fox of Massapequa Podiatry Associates provides a few advantages this run has over its neighbor.
  • Non-Surgical Options Podiatrist Corey Fox has many effective heel pain treatments for people in Massapequa, Amityville, Seaford, and all surrounding areas. Surgery is the last option; hear about more conservative methods that have found success in many cases.
  • Best Places to Run on Long Island Dr. Corey Fox and his team at Massapequa Podiatry Associates know Long Island is an outstanding community in which to live, especially for runners. Find out why this is the case and where you can find some of the best places to run in and around Nassau County.
  • Finding Help for Your Heel Pain No matter if you will benefit from tried-and-true methods or the most advanced technologies to heal more quickly, you can find the care you need.
  • Options for Heel Pain Relief Dr. Corey Fox discusses various options for heel pain treatment so you can find the relief you are seeking.
  • Treating Heel Pain Professional treatment at Massapequa Podiatry Associates can help you find relief from heel pain so you can relax after a hard day at work.
  • Heel Pain at Work These treatment methods may relieve heel pain while you’re at work before you are able to get to Massapequa Podiatry Associates.