Learn More About Foot and Ankle Conditions and Treatments

Looking for the right treatment for a painful foot condition? Our library articles have the facts you need to relieve foot and ankle pain. Browse our recent articles for information on bunions, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, warts, corns, and more.

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  • July 2017 Newsletter Tips on how to keep your feet safe this summer, as well as foot-friendly yoga positions and a recipe for a relaxing foot soak.
  • May 2017 Newsletter What really causes bunions? What are your shoes saying about you? Learn tips on getting a better night’s sleep, managing neuropathy at home, and family fitness.
  • March 2017 Newsletter Get tips on keeping feet safe this spring, from treating bursitis and avoiding basketball injuries to picking the perfect rain boot or learning about orthotics.
  • January 2017 Newsletter Happy new year! And happy reading about smoking cessation, achilles rupture healing measures, foot odor, and a nice soup recipe in our first newsletter of 2017!
  • November 2016 Newsletter In this month's newsletter, Dr. Fox of Massapequa Podiatry Associates addresses common football injuries.
  • Career Opportunities Learn about available podiatry career opportunities and find out why Massapequa Podiatry Associates is THE place you want to work.
  • September 2016 Newsletter Do you know the difference between a claw toe and a hammertoe? Dr. Corey Fox of Massapequa Podiatry Associates explains in September's newsletter.
  • July 2016 Newsletter Your body can have some seriously pesky problems! Tarsal tunnel syndrome can be one of them. If you're feeling the pinch read Dr. Corey Fox's July newsletter.
  • May 2016 Newsletter Let the sun shine on Arthritis Awareness Month! This and more helpful tips on turf toe and ball of foot pain are covered in Dr. Corey Fox's May 2016 newsletter.
  • March 2016 Newsletter Our March newsletter is full of St. Patty’s Day facts, tips on toenail fungus, advice on walking for exercise, calming Morton's neuroma symptoms, and more!