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Does stretching actually help plantar fasciitis? How effective is icing a sprained ankle? Don’t waste your time on ineffective treatments! View our foot care blog to get real answers from a licensed Long Island podiatrist.
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  • How Not to Strike Out with Sports Injuries With MLB opening day on the way, attentions turn to baseball. However, you don’t want a sports injury sidelining you or your child before the first pitch. Dr. Corey Fox in Massapequa has some preventative advice.
  • How Athletes Can Attack Heel Pain Heel pain and sports are not a great combo. When athletes want a fast and effective recovery, they can turn to Dr. Corey Fox at Massapequa Podiatry Associates for help.
  • Difference Between Sprain and Strain Sprains and strains not only sound alike, they can have surprisingly similar symptoms. Dr. Corey Fox explains their differences for you.
  • Working Out: Treat Your Feet Well You rely on your feet and ankles to exercise and stay active, so learn how to treat your feet well while working out.
  • Warm Up Muscles to Prevent Injury Adding a warm up and cool down routine before and after exercise can minimize injury risk to the feet and ankles, says Dr. Corey Fox of NY.
  • RICE: First Aid for Foot Injuries First aid for foot and ankle injuries often follows the RICE protocol, or rest, ice compression and elevation, says Dr. Corey Fox of Massapequa, NY.